I started brewing beer at the end of 2016.
Since then, I brewed over than 100L, in batches of 4L or 6L.

As a convinced person of open source mentality, I share my recipes and designs on Hopenstock website.

I am brewing beer because

I like the taste of beer.
I like eating my own food.
I like creating things by myself.
I like discovering new stuffs and arts.

Your beer will depend on you.

Once I got deep into the beer brewery art, I noticed we are a lot to doing it. That it is simpler than I thought, but still, could be very complex. And this is where things start to be interesting.

That everyone can do a good beer with basic skills.

But that it takes a lot of efforts, dedication, knowledge, to do a great beer.

Ok, I am down, I want to brew!

Start by checking for brew shops in your neighborhood or on Internet.

Just buy a simple kit to be able to brew one gallon or few liters, no more. You could use some tools from your kitchen.

You will have the choice to use grains or already brewed mash. Even if it brings more work, I recommend you to start with grains. The fun comes with the grain.

Start by a simple recipe or even with a pre-packaged recipe, you will have everything ready for the brew day. If you use a recipe, a Smash (Single Malt Single Hop) is a good option. Buy the hop of your dreams!

Stick to a neutral yeast. Dry yeast is perfect for a start.

Prepare a to-do list for your brew day, to be sure you understand every step you have to do. It will help you to keep your stress down and not miss something obvious.

Then, once you got everything ready for action…


Wake up.


And wait until it’s in the fermenter to open a beer. At least, for your first recipes.

One last tip before the last sip

Even if you are ready to commit yourself to this passion, I recommend you to start with basic recipes. You will have plenty of opportunities then to try cool stuff and ruin your batches.

Joking, you will not ruin all of them.

Maybe just one.

Maybe more if sanitization is not your friend.

We don’t start by a marathon, are we?